United States

  • Wrongful Warfare

We now have been at war for nearly seventeen years. We have funded and aided multiple groups that either hate us or do not cooperate with us, wasting trillions of dollars. We have on some occasions, been lied to, information hidden from us. Most importantly, the past seventeen years have been costly in lives, particularly our own men and women. Not only is it wrong, but the country cannot afford to be rebuilding other nations or tangling with situations that do not involve us in any way shape or form. The trillions of dollars that have been wasted, could have been funding our own country’s infrastructure, healthcare reform, taxation relief, curable illnesses, and much needed aid to our homeless veterans and people. We need to end this warfare, discontinue many of the military bases that we have stationed around the world, bring home our men and women, and finally, take care of our veterans once and for all.

  • Auditing of Federal Agencies, Exposing Corruption

Many Federal agencies are absolutely and 100 percent unconstitutional, and the funding they receive, only creates waste, havoc or harm. It must stop. Their abuse of power largely goes unnoticed. Many agencies include but not limited to: FDA, EPA, CDC, USDA, Federal Reserve, IRS, FBI, CIA, NASA, Department of Education. These agencies with many others need to be critically audited, if not completely abolished. It is possible, however not likely. Auditing and extreme vetting would first be needed to start solving some of the atrocities that they commit. Solutions may include but not limited to: limiting the powers of the agencies, handed over with all authorities to each individual state, deputize many of the organizations that correlate with FDA, EPA, CDC, USDA and education departments. This will give us healthier foods, water, better and more economical way of producing goods and providing services, greatly loosen the reigns of the restrictions and controls pressed onto farming, trucking, and agriculture businesses. All in aiding to drive down prices across the board.

in addition, this is an effort to eliminate corruption, hand the power back to the states where the people have a voice in decision making, and reestablish a better system of government which also promotes better wealth and better health at the same time.

  • Rebuilding Our Country

To help rebuild our country, it’ll take the will and determination of the people first and foremost. With that said, the size of our state and its dimensions do not limit our strength and voice here in the Nation. Rebuilding this wonderful country begins with us here at home as we have much work to do in Rhode Island. Strong and stable state economies along with their respective governments, contribute to a stronger Union. More laws and regulations passed by the Federal government only adds to the deep corruption and control. It’s been proven when reducing the size of government, our country runs smoother. The Coolidge Administration’s actions in down sizing government by fifty percent proved to be very effective which for us now can serve as a high but achievable standard. We must reverse the incredible waste and spending this government is responsible for. Ending tireless wars, aiding enemies, and funding unconstitutional agencies would be great areas to start. College reform is also is a necessity. We send our children off to massive colleges that do not exactly produce great students. We send our children off to colleges that receive tremendous amounts of funding by the government, however, student loan debt soars to new heights, now higher than credit card debt. We send our children to colleges that resemble vacation resorts, than proper educational facilities, hindering them from learning what they truly need to know out in the real world. Our elected officials need to accept more accountability rather than pass the blame onto others or objects such as guns. We need to start advocating for better parenting, because you cannot legislate parenting. Families are being ripped apart in this era by the high rate of divorces and parentless children, leaving children clinging for a life. The time is now to start rebuilding our home instead of building foreign nations.

There is no easy answers in healing our country. It is great without a doubt, the greatest on this planet. To help with this positive upward trend, it will be an every day mission of mine to work for you and with you. As a new-comer to politics, this is a chance to give the voice back to you, the people. With that, the ugly truth has to be made unhidden in an order to start repairing damages created by career politicians. Morals, principles and values are vital in preservation of life, liberty, and any and all chances of pursuing happiness.