Besides my platform, this page will highlight some of the many issues that are swirling around our state of Rhode Island and the nation today with a brief but honest description of where I stand regarding these issues.

  • Our Veterans of the United States Armed Forces

This is an issue that I hold close to my heart. Many politicians just talk about the issues with our vets and homeless veterans. I am telling you that many of them have zero intent on helping veterans. I am. My promise is true and sincere. They have sacrificed everything for us, its time we help them. Get them back into the career fields they held in the military and give them REAL jobs, keep them active, give them the care they deserve and the care they choose! There should never be one homeless vet left out on the streets with nothing, no family, no direction and no guidance. Rhode Island is one of few states that is sited as one of the worst states in the Union for veterans to retire in. Disgraceful! The abuse that is handed to our veterans ends as soon as I become Congressman!

  • Highway Tolling in RI

I do not in any way support the construction of, and highway tolling in Rhode Island! Waste of money that could have gone right to the funding of roads. Implementing tolls will increase the cost of living on the already strained taxpayers of both young and old. The trucking industry here, or what is left, will hurt tremendously. That particular industry is already taking major hits in our economy. Politicians only try to “wow” you with the unreal benefits the tolls would supposedly bring, but fail to tell you in detail the long term negative effects the tolls will introduce in this state. NO TOLLS in RI

  • Pawtucket Red Sox and the Stadium

Just like the highway tolls, I do not in any way shape or form, support the idea or any plan for the state to fund the new construction of a ballpark in Pawtucket, or anywhere in RI. The PawSox are privately owned, and because of that, the construction of a new ballpark funded by the state (ultimately the taxpayers) is also wrong. This would too, drive up taxes and cost of living, and RI will would not see a positive income for many years down the road. This has been a shady project to begin with. The Governor supports the plan because she gets privately funded. The owners of the Triple A ball club will drive up the cost of foods and admissions, making them money, but we will be losing out! The majority of the people here in our state love McCoy Stadium, where it sits, and the family atmosphere it holds. All that and more will be gone if a new stadium is built being pushed through by the General Assembly.

  • DCYF

There have been many haunting stories across the nation and here in RI of how DCYF operates. There is tremendous corruption and unjust actions that are prevalent within the program. Our Governor promised to fix it, though has not delivered. Our kids are being forgotten, trafficked, and abused and this must end and will be a top priority for me in RI!

  • New Schools

This issue has been left unspoken about in many ways. Many people and towns push for big new schools to be built across the state. Our Governor just proposed $1 billion in order to build new schools. That is outrageous. We should improve what already exists, properly fix what needs fixing. Building new schools only creates higher and higher taxes, also does not produce better students. That is a whopping amount of money to be spent on the construction of new schools. It sounds too good to be true. We all want safe and healthy venues to send our students to, and we have all heard the cringing stories of health and safety issues in many schools across the state. However, we have also heard the stories of mismanaged projects and funds from school projects. This issue I believe needs to be deputized. Not only will it be cost effective, but a deputized project could take half the time a state operated project would take.

  • Trucking Industry

This industry is by far one of the most essential in the country. However, many of you might not know or understand the amount of regulations and laws both federal and state level this industry is stricken with. These extreme regulations, fuel costs, and weak employment into the field are damaged by big government and insurance companies. This causes the cost of living to skyrocket as well. We need less government interference on the trucking industry and to support our drivers as much as possible. This also means to end the tolls this November!

  • 2nd Amendment

This basic right, grants the individual the right to bear arms against foreign and domestic enemies. This right is as relevant to today as it was when it was written. It is not a political ideology, and needs to be promoted and protected at all costs. With great pride and respect for the law of the land, I fully advocate for and support the Second Amendment.

  • Immigration

I am for LEGAL immigration. We are a nation of laws. We cannot let just anyone into this country, and it is not a “right” for every citizen on this planet to come here. It is a privilege. Those who want to seek a better life for them and their immediate family members, to have opportunity, and to assimilate with our culture, laws, and respect our nation as it is, must do so legally. We welcome all walks of life, because everyone should have a chance at life, liberty, and pursue happiness in this country. That being said, we need to take care of our own citizens first! Our homeless children, and veterans who served this nation proudly, come first! American dreamers come first! Any vote to allow illegals in, is illegal! Illegals that have been here for years, need to be processed and vetted, and those who have contributed can find a path to citizenship, though with consequences (not jail time, but a hike on taxes or other financials). Illegals that have been here and have not contributed to society, are to be brought back where ever they have come from. Dangerous criminal illegals are sent right back and kept back. A border wall will not solve the issue entirely, though I believe is necessary. It is a strengthening of our defenses, and the same enforcement should be looked at on the northern border. Common sense legislation is needed.

  • Abortion

I am without a doubt, a supporter of life. I do not believe that aborting a child, a healthy child, is at all right. I believe that even with an unfortunate horrible circumstance been done to the female, the child deserves a chance at life, liberty and pursue happiness. Given the very nature of some horrific acts committed onto women, I do understand some reasoning behind the justification of the operation. Our country was founded upon the structure that not only the population be granted sovereignty, but such sovereignty be handed down to the individual. That said, denying the created life its own rights to life I feel is wrong. I also cannot impose my will or beliefs onto others. However, if given the chance to reverse Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), I will certainly take part in doing so. I also want to make note, that I feel as though its incredibly disgraceful that we as a society have made this issue of life a political issue, and that we must come to a common sense and moral mindset.

  • Climate Change/Global Warming and Energy
  1. Is it “climate change” or “global warming”? Whatever you would like to call it, I believe much of it is a scare tactic. Do I believe we as a human race started climate change? No, I don’t think so. What I do know is that we developed the Weather Channel, and what I also know is that weather is something that is far more powerful and unpredictable for us to even comprehend and in trying to control it or mess with it, is only going to harm us. We have certainly contributed in our fair share of pollution. We need to start developing better ways to recycle, end relying on plastics and fake man made materials that only do us harm. We pump our foods and water with chemicals, litter the beautiful blue sky with sprayed chemicals, and medicate our own with harmful drugs.
  2. As to fossil fuels; if produced the right way, without the addition of chemicals, would be much less harmful and far less pollutant than what we use at the fuel stations now. The ideology that “clean diesel” is better than regular diesel is a scam for the ages. Diesel burns cleaner than gas to start, and what is cleaner than gas and diesel combined, is kerosene. We wouldn’t have this discussion of “electric everything” if we did things the right way. However, I am not at all opposed to having a diverse system of energy production. I know that it is vital. Oil and coal will not ever run dry of supply in our life time, but does not mean we should be absolutely dependent on them.
  • Marijuana

First, let me be completely honest and open in saying that, I do not smoke or use marijuana in any way shape or form. I have no inclination or a want to smoke marijuana.

However, it is by no means the government’s authority to dictate an individual’s health by deeming the use of marijuana illegal. Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug. The issue of this particular plant, is that of government wanting a piece of the pie, meaning, more regulation on it, more control, and ultimately more money for them. We prescribe these horrific drugs regulated by major unconstitutional government agencies to people that cause addiction, diseases and death. It is also sickening in seeing the government dictate the healthcare of retired wounded veterans. Vets who seek treatment by way of marijuana and its benefits is their choice, not governments.

I would like to see Rhode Island become a leader in the exploration of the many benefits of the plant. Marijuana is scientifically known and proven to be a cure for many illnesses and imbalances. This could be a major asset to Rhode Island and our economy in several aspects and fields: All fields in medical, pharmaceutical and science, small business, transportation, food production, and farming. List goes on.

  • Agriculture and Manufacturing
  1. Farming as well as fishing is a vital part of our nation’s economy, and it should be for Rhode Island. Big super markets and chain stores, along with the skyrocketing prices of goods really hurt the farming and fishing industries. As a small state, we should be doing everything we can to integrate these industries more into our lives, giving them the resources needed to support themselves and provide for the common good of Rhode Island. Both industries have been riddled with over regulation and government intervention. This must stop immediately if we want our people to thrive and produced healthier products. I am proud to stand for the hard working farmers and fishermen!
  2. Manufacturing used to be the backbone of this great state. Over the years, over regulation, companies moving overseas, and extremely high taxes have pushed manufacturing companies out. Our government has done little to keep companies here, and their policies have hurt any future possibilities for this state to grow. This ties into my education plan to help bring back manufacturing to RI. Manufacturing is a necessity as the onslaught of new technology has yet to really hit us. Making things, small business or big business; all are vital if we want a strong and diverse economy here, and in the states. Products made here, will keep people living here, and have many move in, help drive costs of everything down. Products will be made here will be produced with pride!
  • Healthcare

I do not support or believe in any way that it is our government’s responsibility to control healthcare. At the very least, healthcare should be a state issue. The General Assembly should come up with many common sense plans, in-state plans, apply the created plans onto the ballot and let the people vote on what type of healthcare plan that should be implemented here. I believe healthcare should be shopped, supplied, and accessed as auto insurances. Putting healthcare on the free market could potentially be a great job creator with private owned healthcare practices and insurances. Within our state’s boundaries, we could see the costs of healthcare drop, be naturally competitive, and promote much better health for our people.

  • Same Sex Marriage

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is a state issue, not the federal government’s issue or ruling. If people want same sex marriage, it is up to them. It is their life, their liberty, and if it makes them happy, I cannot and will not tell you how to live, therefore I am not against it. The idea that there isn’t “equal rights” for these people is a bit of exaggeration. It states, “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” for a reason. The term “men” is used to convey all people here in this country, in the eyes of your Creator, under the Constitution.

  • Religion

Rhode Island was founded upon the idea of Freedom of Religion, and because of that, it is inscribed within the First Amendment. I am not bound by any particular religion, because of this, I respect people’s beliefs and religion should not be a mode of judgment onto others.