My Story ~

After many years growing up in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I decided that Rhode Island was my permanent home in September of 2005, beginning my tenure at Lincoln High School. My family has had a long and proud history at LHS, and I am proud to have added to it. I've worked very hard since then. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful. Nothing is for free in this world.  

Within the work force, I have adopted my mother and father's work ethics, doing everything in my power to get a job, make a paycheck and live honestly. I currently work full time as a tractor trailer operator. Like many of you, I have truly felt the burden of the cost of living and the terrible job climate here in RI. Our state's current economic woes consist of policies rooted in socialism with many other damaging factors. For this, and seeing what my country is going through, has become a time for action.

I understand the difficulties many of us go through, difficulties our politicians simply cannot possibly understand. Many are there just to legislate our lives. I too share the same great frustrations seeing our elected officials who make their position a career, push policies and agendas that negatively impact us all, forgetting our sovereign liberties, ruining any future opportunities for our younger generations.

In order to solve these atrocities, We the People need to resort back to basics, resort back to our sacred values and principles our country and beautiful state was founded upon, putting all politics aside. We need to reestablish our leadership, hold our public servants accountable and have them understand that they serve us!

For my love of country and for my love of Rhode Island with your help, my candidacy for RI Congressional District 1 will be a fight for you, to establish true Hope for all creeds, races, colors and backgrounds. I want all of us to have the same great shot at our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Independent Happiness.