To the People, of Rhode Island

As one of you, I have worked endlessly job to job to make a paycheck just to get by, I have felt the burden of the high cost of living, witnessed first hand over regulation set by the government, and now seeing the destructive practices that our "representatives" are committing, tearing apart our families, communities, our sacred Bill of Rights, and imposing their will onto us. These practices and atrocities no rightful citizen should come to accept, not here in Rhode Island nor in our country. I am here as an ordinary citizen, wanting to fight for the common man, wanting to be a voice within this new generation while getting back to our values and principles that founded our beautiful state and country.

Let us come together to heal Rhode Island and start setting examples of what should be instead of becoming examples of what not to be. With humility, common sense and strength, we will make Rhode Island the Anchor of the nation we once were.

Hope is on the horizon in our quest to achieve for all,

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness